IT’S OK – commitment in one perspective 

I have serious commitment issues. 

I made a commitment to post “a poem a day” on Tumblr, using a “word of the day” as a prompt. 

My “word of the day” attempt failed on paper, but I swear I learn a new word every day. I might not be doing “a poem a day” on Tumblr, but my journals are proof that my head is filled with words, some quite repetitive for my liking but words all the same.  

I’m saying I want to learn more words, yet don’t mind knowing the ones I already do. 


Short thoughts on DIY book publishing

I’ve always dreamt of publishing my own book. Even better, that it gets transformed into its very own movie or TV series. It is my dream, well one of them anyways. 

I’ve been dreaming for years, now it’s time to get moving.

I’m currently participating in NANOWRIMO 2016. It’s basically trying to reach a word goal count of 50,000 in a month (November). I tried last year and never reached the goal. Now I’m trying again, only 9 days left and I’m at 6,000 words so far (still trying to win).

I’ve decided to publish a poetry book. Although it started as a science fiction, I might get back to it-but my little heart tells me poetry is my gendra these days. 

I’ve learnt quite a few things doing some quick research. 

1. Don’t stress or get overwhelmed by the steps needed to reach your goal

2. Be patient and have fun 

3. Purchase your own ISBN 

4. Use social media to get your name out there 

5. Get your book edited 

6. Have a catchy title and great book cover 

7. Use Amazon and start with an e-book 

I’m sure there’s a million other things I can add to this list. Right now, this is my goal. 

GOODLUCK to all nanowrimo participants and to all those self publishing their own book at the moment!