I Tried Levitation

It was more simple than I ever imagined! Although I need to find a better angle so it seems like I am “flying” or “falling” more than looking like I photoshopped a sticker of myself on a background.
I got photoshop about two weeks ago, and I haven’t touched it since these two pictures… might be because the holidays, or something deeper than that.
I’m not sure why, but every time I start gaining interest in anything that I am remotely good at I quit. 
I don’t say “I quit” 
but my actions speak louder. 

I simply stop doing it, 

I think about it a lot, 

and I tell myself I can be just as good as anyone else- 

I still sit on the couch and daydream of ways to get better (instead of doing something about it, like practicing.)
Either way, I’m really happy with my first pictures edited in photoshop! 


the past two nights, all weekend actually, I didn’t sleep at night. It’s been awhile since I’ve had long sleepless nights. Especially two in a row. Although I did get quite a lot of writing done, I actually got to a word count of 20,000! I’m participating my second year in NANOWRIMO, I need to reach 50,000 words in a couple of days. I’m not giving up- and to all those out there in the same predicament as me DONT GIVE UP KEEP WRITING KEEP GOING KEEP DREAMING YOU GOT THIS-


I’ve learnt with my past that honesty is important. I can see how ten years can go by so very very quickly. This year, 2016, has been the first year I have not lied (I’m sure white lies don’t count). I’ve been honest with myself, and the people around me, it feels good. I feel genuine, like a real person. 

I’ve also done some immense healing. Still healing now, but I’m starting to see healing is an every day mission. That’s ok though, I have people around me that support and love me for who I am-who forgave me for who I was in the past. 

Now I’m bringing my honesty into my art, I feel this is my way to complete freedom.


Creative ideas for preparation and performance, the book I’m currently reading. 

So far it’s pretty good. It’s good to go back to the basics. 

Reading, writing and telling stories, fiction or not, is something most of us do everyday. Sometimes-without even thinking about it.  

Maybe you should sit down and go back to your basics, whatever they might be. Feels good to sit down and refresh something you already know. Also, I suggest reading a book, your brain will thank you.


I’m just going to free write because I’m trying to catch up on my nanowrimo goals- it’s really hard to keep up. 

I’m currently eating supper and The Big Bang Theory is playing in the background. I wrote and read all day at work today, and my brain is tired now. 

I did yoga, that felt nice, I even think I fell into some type of meditative state. Breathing in and out sounds incredibly simple-it’s a lie. 

Breathing feels good, when you do it right.

I never realized how much I wasn’t breathing. Seriously, look it up, try it out- especially if you have some sort of mental illness. Either way, that oxygen will end up feeling like a drug trust me.