An Old Passion

has sparked its way into my soul again. Sadly my camera body and lens are dirty. I’m still doing some research on how to clean it myself since professional cleanings usually cost a lot. 

I want to create a new business with my photography, like I did before. I was a small town photographer, known by quite a few actually! I’m getting photoshop next Friday and my first challenge will be levitation photography. 

I also want to create a watermark to continuously put the same one on my pictures. I will probably just follow a couple of tutorials and I’ll be a pro! I hope so anyways. 

Gotta love chasing your dreams, here’s a couple of shots of my old stuff.

P.S. My novel is coming along pretty good too ­čś╗ I kept writing even though NANOWRIMO is over. I’ll be the next J.K.Rowling I tell ya, just wait and see!