IT’S OK – commitment in one perspective 

I have serious commitment issues. 

I made a commitment to post “a poem a day” on Tumblr, using a “word of the day” as a prompt. 

My “word of the day” attempt failed on paper, but I swear I learn a new word every day. I might not be doing “a poem a day” on Tumblr, but my journals are proof that my head is filled with words, some quite repetitive for my liking but words all the same.  

I’m saying I want to learn more words, yet don’t mind knowing the ones I already do. 


the past two nights, all weekend actually, I didn’t sleep at night. It’s been awhile since I’ve had long sleepless nights. Especially two in a row. Although I did get quite a lot of writing done, I actually got to a word count of 20,000! I’m participating my second year in NANOWRIMO, I need to reach 50,000 words in a couple of days. I’m not giving up- and to all those out there in the same predicament as me DONT GIVE UP KEEP WRITING KEEP GOING KEEP DREAMING YOU GOT THIS-


I’ve learnt with my past that honesty is important. I can see how ten years can go by so very very quickly. This year, 2016, has been the first year I have not lied (I’m sure white lies don’t count). I’ve been honest with myself, and the people around me, it feels good. I feel genuine, like a real person. 

I’ve also done some immense healing. Still healing now, but I’m starting to see healing is an every day mission. That’s ok though, I have people around me that support and love me for who I am-who forgave me for who I was in the past. 

Now I’m bringing my honesty into my art, I feel this is my way to complete freedom.