I’m just going to free write because I’m trying to catch up on my nanowrimo goals- it’s really hard to keep up. 

I’m currently eating supper and The Big Bang Theory is playing in the background. I wrote and read all day at work today, and my brain is tired now. 

I did yoga, that felt nice, I even think I fell into some type of meditative state. Breathing in and out sounds incredibly simple-it’s a lie. 

Breathing feels good, when you do it right.

I never realized how much I wasn’t breathing. Seriously, look it up, try it out- especially if you have some sort of mental illness. Either way, that oxygen will end up feeling like a drug trust me.


Short thoughts on DIY book publishing

I’ve always dreamt of publishing my own book. Even better, that it gets transformed into its very own movie or TV series. It is my dream, well one of them anyways. 

I’ve been dreaming for years, now it’s time to get moving.

I’m currently participating in NANOWRIMO 2016. It’s basically trying to reach a word goal count of 50,000 in a month (November). I tried last year and never reached the goal. Now I’m trying again, only 9 days left and I’m at 6,000 words so far (still trying to win).

I’ve decided to publish a poetry book. Although it started as a science fiction, I might get back to it-but my little heart tells me poetry is my gendra these days. 

I’ve learnt quite a few things doing some quick research. 

1. Don’t stress or get overwhelmed by the steps needed to reach your goal

2. Be patient and have fun 

3. Purchase your own ISBN 

4. Use social media to get your name out there 

5. Get your book edited 

6. Have a catchy title and great book cover 

7. Use Amazon and start with an e-book 

I’m sure there’s a million other things I can add to this list. Right now, this is my goal. 

GOODLUCK to all nanowrimo participants and to all those self publishing their own book at the moment!

this blog is all drafts

I started this blog a long time ago because I wanted to be a vet. It was to inspire me to be a vet, to work hard and reach my goal. It lasted about a week. Including many other sudden career change interests. Everyone says JUST PICK SOMETHING AND DO IT. 

I’m not sure if that’s the way I want to do it, but now I’ve decided on something- 

I was about to write what I was going to do but I think it’ll have to wait for me to be in a better mood. 

I’m not sure what repressed memories hide inside of me, but it’s enough to blur out any vision/dream of the future. 

Basically, my life will forever be a draft, bad mood, good mood- doesn’t matter. Just have to take it day by day and hopefully I’ll head the right way.  

…do you follow your gut?