I Tried Levitation

It was more simple than I ever imagined! Although I need to find a better angle so it seems like I am “flying” or “falling” more than looking like I photoshopped a sticker of myself on a background.
I got photoshop about two weeks ago, and I haven’t touched it since these two pictures… might be because the holidays, or something deeper than that.
I’m not sure why, but every time I start gaining interest in anything that I am remotely good at I quit. 
I don’t say “I quit” 
but my actions speak louder. 

I simply stop doing it, 

I think about it a lot, 

and I tell myself I can be just as good as anyone else- 

I still sit on the couch and daydream of ways to get better (instead of doing something about it, like practicing.)
Either way, I’m really happy with my first pictures edited in photoshop! 

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